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Wings Lermedien, Educational Publisher, Switzerland
Document type: Microsoft Office teaching material for vocational training and colleges
Requirement: To add value to the publisher's printed books by making their content and additional resources accessible to purchasers via a Web browser.
Solution: Webdoxx service with dedicated user database and code-based user login to specific documents and resources. To avoid having to register, each book comes with a unique code which serves both as username and password. The material also includes videos, hosted on Vimeo and integrated with iframes on Webdoxx. The conversion of the books are carried out by the Wings team using the PDF2HTML5 service, then uploaded to the Webdoxx Enterprise service via FTP. Wings also create and manage the service access codes (c.20,000 codes/year) and monitor usage via the service logging and stats facilities.
Australian College of Perioperative Nurses (ACORN), Victoria, Australia
Document type: Medical Standards Documents
Requirement: The requirement was for access to their Standards document for use by subscribing Hospitals, Educational Institutes, Libraries and Individual Users.
Solution: Conversion, hosting and technical support provided by the Drumlin Security team. The Standards document is hosted on our Webdoxx Enterprise service, with Publisher-managed user registration including bespoke IPadddress access control and usage tracking. The document is embedded on the ACORN website and accessed by registered users after logging into their service.
Please see our Case Studies page:
Webdoxx Case Studies
for a selection of current and recent Webdoxx services we provide for customers.

2. Webdoxx Services

Our online, web-browser based services are now available across two cloud-server platforms:
Webdoxx PDF2HTML5 service - this is our fully automated self-service option for secure document uploading and hosting, with a range of user access controls as standard. This service enables publishers, training organizations and corporates to provide managed access to private documents on a global basis, with a range of security and access controls. It also provides the option for service testing and small-scale trials as well as much larger-scale usage. All services come with no limit on the numbers of users you can register to access a particular document or set of documents.
Webdoxx Enterprise service - this is the tailored version of the automated service. It is provided via our separate cloud server, It includes the option for a dedicated user management framework with extensive additional functionality, plus enhanced display options and separate media hosting. Webdoxx Enterprise server clients can use the Webdoxx PDF2HTML5 service for file conversions and/or arrange for this to be carried out by our team on a managed service basis. Dual hosting with the PDF2HTML5 server is also available, giving very high service resilience.
Pricing: Both Webdoxx services are provided on a subscription basis, with pricing depending on the number of files to be hosted, the overall storage required, any special setup services requested, and the nature and level of ongoing technical support and development needed. Basic pricing and ordering information for standard services are provided on the websites. For an individual quotation to meet your specific requirements please email us

Short and Hidden URLs

Our automated Webdoxx PDF2HTML5 service generates URLs for documents that have been uploaded that may be rather long or complicated to send to end users. Publishers can use three options to simplify access and/or hide such links:
1. Re-direction: Paid-for and free URL redirection services are widely available. However, some URL shortening services are regarded as possibly being spam, so using a commercial and approved service or redirection from your own URL is recommended.
2. Hidden links: A link can be hidden from end users by including the link associated with descriptive text, a button or an iframe, on your own website or via a list on a web page hosted on your own or one of our websites. The link can be encrypted if required, with iframe access making the information appear embedded on your own site even though it resides elsewhere. For a very simple iframe example with open access please see:
Webdoxx iframe sample
3. Bespoke links: Our Webdoxx Enterprise service can provide you with your own webspace and FTP access for uploading files, with shorter and more appropriate web addresses, incorporating your brand or company name.