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1. Distributing secure files on portable media (USB drives, SD cards, Micro-SD cards)

Clever new low-cost USB flash drives are now available that have 2 or more different format USB interfaces (some have 3 or 4). These allow you to use a single device on a range of phones, tablets and desktops/laptops. The one shown below includes a slider to select either the standard old-style USB or the latest fast connection for the modern Android mobile phones (USB3) - see further this example from SanDisk:
Secure PDF files (DRMZ files), standard PDF files and software kits can be placed on these devices, and then the applications can be installed on the target device. PDF and DRMZ files may then be copied to the target device or opened directly from the Javelin3 apps while remaining on the portable device. The secure files will still need to be authorized online (unless they are pre-authorized - see further, below) but this process enables a full set of materials to be distributed safely without requiring any downloading of software or document files and no need for online authorization.
PDF files for distribution via our services should be as "standard" as possible - i.e. no special embedded features or media, PDF 1.6 standard or earlier (Adobe reader 7 compatible), and as small as possible for screen display, to ensure fast and reliable downloads and the fastest display on all devices.

2. Pre-authorized secure PDF files

Pre-authorized (or "self-authorized") drmz files are PDF files that are fully protected from direct copying of content, optionally protected from printing, can include intelligent watermarking, and can be time-limited. This means that secured PDFs can be distributed and opened by end users immediately using a Javelin3 reader without requiring an internet connection or an authorization code. This is ideal for situations such as corporate training sessions, fieldworker usage of documents, and distribution of materials for schools where internet availability is limited.
New versions of the Javelin readers and DrumlinPublisher are available to provide support for creating and viewing these pre-authorized drmz files. The Javelin3 and Javelin3Pro for Windows readers have been updated to support the new format and are available on our Javelin downloads page now, from here:
Javelin downloads
Having downloaded and installed the latest version you can test this facility using the following file:
Sample pre-authorized file
If you are interested in having pre-authorized files for distribution via downloads or on portable devices, please email us to discuss your requirements. There is no limit on the number of such files you can create and distribute.

3. Using OneDrive and Cloud Drives

We recommend that standard secured PDFs (DRMZ files) are not stored and shared on in-network virtual disk drives, such as OneDrive and Cloud drives as this may result in authorization problems. Users should always download DRMZ files and save them on their local disk drive, e.g. in their Documents folder for PCs and Macs, or on the local device storage for mobiles devices and tablets. If removable drives are used they should either remain in place or be re-attached with the same device identification.

4. Blurry Screen display

Occasionally end users say they have slightly blurred screen display when using Javelin PDF readers (and other software). With Windows PCs this is usually occurs if the user has a screen resolution or font scaling set that is non-standard or not ideal for their LCD laptop screen. Microsoft provide a number of facilities for improving the clarity of display via the Control Panel, including a facility that they call "cleartype" so playing around with the Windows settings will generally resolve such issues. On Mac OSX this can occur if the user has an older version of Javelin installed and has updated their OSX to the latest version. The solution in this case is to use Javelin3 for OSX, as this handles the change to the display correctly.